warrior bram.jpgWelcome to my personal page!

Here you find hobbies and other interests that I like to occupy myself with during my free time. Most of my free time is spend on various programming projects, either AI agents for various games or creating 3D games using my own 3D engine: Dreaded Portal Engine.

Most of my older projects are written in Java. So old, in fact, that you won't find many of them on this site. Newer projects are mostly written in C++ and, in case of 3D projects, OpenGL. I have contributed to various Open Source projects like OpenTTD and Battle for Wesnoth, for the former I have written an AI agent called NoCAB.

All my software is open source so feel free to download the source code and play around with it. If you find any problems or want to cooperate you can find my contact information at the bottom right of this page.

Besides writing games / AI for games I am also an avid gamer. Some older games in my collections include Tomb Raider, Command & Conquer and various Bioware games. Games I enjoy at the moment are Dota 2, Grim Dawn, and until recently EVE Online.