DPE - Setup under Windows

How to setup The Dreaded Portal Engine under Windows

I will show how to setup the DPE using Visual Studio 2017. First get a copy of the source code from the SVN repository:


You can use Tortoise (https://tortoisesvn.net/) to download the code base. Put it in any directory, it already comes with solution files.

After downloading the source code, download all the repositories.



GLM 0.9.9.x:


GLFW 3.3:




Compiling and Running the demos:

To test and compile the engine we will open the solution file: trunk/DPE Demos/boilerplate/boiletplate.sln with Visual Studio 2017.

Right click the Dreaded Portal Engine project -> Properties.

In VC++ Directories change the 'Include Directories' and 'Library Directories' to direct the the correct directories. Do the same for the other projects in the the solution. After this you should be ready to compile and launch the demos to verify everything is working.

If you have any issues feel free to contact me!