My interests

Most of my free time is spend on various programming projects, either AI agents for various games or creating 3D games using my own 3D engine: "Dreaded Portal Engine". The second game I created using this engine is called "Dreaded Spectre", a multiplayer FPS.

I like competing in AI challenges; I have competed in the Mario AI Challenge and various Google AI Challenges like ants.

Most of my projects are written in C++ and I use OpenGL for my 3D projects. Although I can also write in Java and various scripting languages.

Besides writing games / AI for games I am also an avid gamer. Some older games in my collections include Tomb Raider, Command & Conquer and various Bioware games. Games I enjoy at the moment are Dota 2, Grim Dawn, and until recently EVE Online.

When  am not behind my computer I like to watch TV series, visit National Trust sites, and dance.